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Choreographic Works

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Cara Alida 2.jpeg

Cara Alida

Created with the support of the RBC Foundation as Emerging Choreographer in Residence with Kittiwake Dance Theatre. This work is dedicated to all those we have loved and lost. There is joy in remembering, and peaceful celebration in each embrace. We find hope in the thought of someday meeting once again.

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Sea Change

This work toured across Newfoundland as part of Kittiwake Dance Theatre's 2021-22 season. Sea Change explores the effects of challenging times in our lives, and how these experiences can inspire introspection and ultimately lead to self-discovery.


Mind, Body & Spirit

This dance film was created with the support of Arts NL. This work focuses on the

 connection between our minds, bodies, and spirits, and how each individual person's connection to these aspects of themselves may affect their perception of life. 



Presented in The Garage fall season in 2019, this piece is inspired by the uncertainty and possibilities that come with entering into a new phase of life. It explores our desire to make new connections and establish comfort in uncharted territory.



This multidisciplinary work was performed as a part of George Brown College Dance Performance Program's In Haus 2019. 

REM delves into the world of dreams. This work was created in collaboration with the dancers, and recounted dreams through movement and text.



Created for George Brown College's Emergence, this duet is inspired by the balanced energies of Yin and Yang. These conflicting yet complimentary forces illicit a wide range of movement textures which ebb and flow. 

Hannah Leap_edited.jpg


Overcast is a self-choreographed solo presented at the LSPU Hall in 2018. This work was developed through movement research derived from poetry. 


Bicameral Body

Created in 2017, Bicameral Body investigates the theory of Bicameralism.  This hypothesis suggests that one part of the brain "speaks", and the other listens. This concept was applied to the music and the body, and was illustrated through musically driven movement.

Screen Shot 2022-05-12 at 9.11_edited.jpg

New Day

New Day was performed in Neighbourhood Dance Works Festival of New Dance in 2016. This work explores the struggle to express one's individual identity while simultaneously working together as part of a group or community.

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